Beth & Meg & A Good Catch-up

Yes, we are back and it is time to have a good gab to see what has been going on in each other’s lives and in the world in general. Discover what Megan has in common with Helen Mirren (I mean, what doesn’t she?), where Bethany found a glimpse of Heaven (it involves men offering her doughnuts, surprise, surprise), and who it is that feels we owe him an apology (FROM OUR COLD, DEAD HANDS). Also, how France now has the Frenchest French president in French history, Megan buzzes on John Lithgow, and Bethany waxes latin on the intimate lives of dinosaurs. #NobodyPutsErinInABucket #TheChocolateKebabHouse #BoyishGoodLooks  #IAmMoana


Beth & Meg

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