Beth & Meg & Simon & M. Night Shyalaman Pt. 2

We are back for the second half of our look at the three act play that is M. Night Shyalaman’s career. In this episode we discuss the lean years and what we hope is the triumphant return of one of the true mavericks in Hollywood. We talk about how a Hemsworth brother or two might have saved Paul Giamatti from having to clean the pool as much, who’d Simon want to be stuck in space with (his pressure suit wouldn’t impress her much), and our shared love of the great Shakespearean, John Leguizamo. Also, the Asian-ness of Emma Stone, when the MIB when to space, and why Yahtzee gets Simon all worked up. #yahtzee #adultdiapers  #JenniferBerkeleyForPresident  #textdontcall #mnightshyalaman


Beth & Meg

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