Beth & Meg & Pajama Day

We are in full on ‘jama day mood, since nothing in the world seems to be able to convince us to put on pants right now. Yes, we talk some of the tough stuff of this week, but then we get onto topics that make us happy to be members of the human race. Hear us talk about the greatest first date story of all time, why the Department of Homeland Security has it’s eye on Megan’s house, and her channelling of Dr. Ian Malcom in a way even Goldblum can’t achieve.  We tell the secret to the best halloween ever, how movies change when you get a mortgage, and pop culture that will depress the heck out of you. #cavemarket #LVStrong #rocketmanbooyah #glibbest #NFL #postsecret #firstamendment #willandgrace #number2earlytotell #ladyofthelake #sciencewins #jurassicpark #getoveryourselfbelle #marytoddshecray #kohls


Beth & Meg

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