Beth & Meg & Thanksgiving

A very Happy THANKSGIVING to all of you! If you are looking for topics to fight over with your crazy relatives whilst picking at a wishbone – look no further! We talk clashes of idiot titans, what first base really means, and imagine what kind of food truck Will Smith would roll up in. ¬†Also, unfortunate last names, unfortunate (?) mascot names, and unfortunate costume choices. And we teach you the exact formula for getting out of legal trouble without the need to pay for an attorney. Trust us, it’s a gas. #eattrumpsgold #shadowsandcontours #chefjeff #gofightingphoenixes #themichelobofchampagnes #strangerthings2 #feedmeggie #kegelit #pleadthefifth #silentbutviolent #theforceisstrongwiththisone #runfortheborder #squeezethecheese #leatherseats


Beth & Meg

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