About Us


Once upon a time there were two little girls (who had a lot of hair, but apparently no hairbrush). These two little girls loved several things, liked many things, & were interested in all things. They filled their days with the ordinary accoutrements of childhood; school, chores, church, & an obscene amount of Surfenberry Punch flavored Kool-aid (hence the second little girl’s chubby…everything). They enjoyed these days, but what they loved most of all was bedtime, or more precisely, what happened after bedtime.

In the moments before sleep, these little girls became the masters of their universe. They were dreamers, adventurers, fighter-pilots (during their prolonged Top Gun phase) wedding planners, singing sensations, nurses, Grand Marshalls of parades, Kirk Cameron & Michael J. Fox’s child brides, & television show hosts.

Much has happened to those two little girls. They grew up, went to college, moved around the world, got married, got mortgaged, & got Mom-freaking-upped. But one thing hasn’t changed, & that is what happens after bedtime.

Join us in our after-bedtime revelry where the two little girls still never run out of conversations.

We are the tribe. The coven. The Sisters McLaughlin.

We are Beth&Meg&.

& we’re pleased to meet you.